Hi, I'm Beth

I teach millennial women how to transform their financial anxiety into confidence and take action to make their financial dreams a reality.  Is getting your finances in order on your perpetual mental do-to list?  You are in the right place!  I help ambitious women develop a strong financial foundation and put in place a plan to accelerate their financial dreams. 


My interest in personal finance comes from my own experience.  My parents divorced when I was three, and I lived in dual financial worlds as a child.   I experienced both affluence and poverty by living in each of their households, and this sparked a deep interest in personal finance.   


I currently work in Finance at Google and I have a B.S. and MBA from UC Berkeley.  I previously led financial literacy programs for more than 3,000 college students nationally as a nonprofit director.  I've completed a six-month Financial Coach training program, and have taken undergraduate and graduate courses in wealth management.   I am not a registered investment advisor or CFP at this time. 


Our Mission

Future Wallet helps ambitious millennial women create a plan to achieve their financial goals and gain confidence about money.  We help women learn AND take action to improve their financial wellness.

If you're curious about your finances, and the idea of learning more in a supportive group environment (judgement-free zone!) sounds intriguing - Future Wallet might be good fit for you!  Our clients are often wrestling with questions like: 

  • How do I start investing outside of my retirement? What options are out there and what's a good fit for me? 

  • How do I get a plan in place to repay my student loans? Should I refinance? 

  • How can I work towards saving a down payment and where should I be saving this money? 

  • Should I hire a financial advisor? How much should I pay? 


We focus solely on providing education, not specific investment or asset allocation advice.  By working with us, you can get yourself on track to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in 401K fees, and understand how to set yourself up for long-term financial success. 

What Our Clients Say

 "As a busy mother trying to juggle distance learning for two children while also working from home during the pandemic, I have little to no time to think about personal finance. Also, thanks to my dear husband who loves to manage our family finances, I do not get deeply involved in most financial decisions for our family.


I was thrilled to participate in a session with Beth through my job, as I knew that I would otherwise not make time for it on my own.  Beth was very thorough -- tailoring the content based on audience interest, sharing simple yet effective tools, and most importantly focusing on why certain financial decisions are important. This was especially helpful for someone like me who might procrastinate taking on the responsibility until an emergency strikes!


Since attending the sessions with Beth, I have been taking a more active role in our family finances. My husband has been pleasantly surprised with the very helpful wealth management mindset I have started to bring to our decisions (which he admits is a muscle he also needs to work on). I highly recommend working with Beth." 

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