What are you doing today to build

a rich life?  

Most women want to tackle their finances, but struggle to create the time for self-education or identify where to get accurate information. 

You can either shell out $4k for a financial plan, or you can wade through a bunch of online calculators and try to piece together a plan for yourself.

At Future Wallet,  we already put in the time so you don't have to.  We're here to jumpstart your journey towards financial independence. 

Welcome to your Future Wallet 

We're so glad that you're here!  Whether you want to get your own financial house in order, or you'd like to bring an event to your company or employee resource group -- we are excited to partner with you! 

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Money Bootcamp

Get your financial house in order

In just 5 sessions over 10 weeks, learn everything you need to know about investing, retirement, and how to achieve your financial goals.


1:1 Coaching

Get personalized support

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a 15 min free session to see if 1:1 money coaching could be a good fit.

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Corporate Workshops

Build your corporate culture and support inclusion

We deliver engaging and relevant financial education workshops for your employees. 

What Our Clients Say

 "As a busy mother trying to juggle distance learning for two children while also working from home during the pandemic, I have little to no time to think about personal finance. Also, thanks to my dear husband who loves to manage our family finances, I do not get deeply involved in most financial decisions for our family.


I was thrilled to participate in a session with Beth through my job, as I knew that I would otherwise not make time for it on my own.  Beth was very thorough -- tailoring the content based on audience interest, sharing simple yet effective tools, and most importantly focusing on why certain financial decisions are important. This was especially helpful for someone like me who might procrastinate taking on the responsibility until an emergency strikes!


Since attending the sessions with Beth, I have been taking a more active role in our family finances. My husband has been pleasantly surprised with the very helpful wealth management mindset I have started to bring to our decisions (which he admits is a muscle he also needs to work on). I highly recommend working with Beth." 

"Personal finance can be such an intimidating topic.  I recall being a new grad trying to navigate the (very literal) alphabet soup of personal finance: 401K, IRA, Roth, etc. and feeling so lost.


I spent hours and probably days of my life trying to find the right investment channels, lost some money by taking wrong steps during my experimentation, and ultimately gave up and went to a Financial Advisor who I paid a ton of money to for a few years. 


I gradually gained the confidence to tackle this space on my own and started my discussions with Beth. My first impression was that she is very approachable, knowledgeable, and uses analogies to help anyone understand the complexities of personal finance. Working with her helped solidify my confidence that I am doing the right thing. She provides education on important topics so that you can actively make the best decisions for yourself. I wish I knew her when I first graduated, but better late than never!


I'm glad I could spend time learning with Beth!"

Questions? Reach out at futurewalletco@gmail.com