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Interested in learning more? Here's some of my favorite content.  Enjoy!


Are you a visual learner? These money experts keep it entertaining and provide helpful insights: 

A Simple Path to Wealth - JL Collins

Learn the basics of passive index fund investing.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich - Ramit Sethi

How to develop a "rich" money mindset that will put you on a path towards success. 


Here is a partial list of books that I've learned from over the years. I don't necessarily agree with 100% of everything in all of them (investing technology and access to data has rapidly changed in the past 15 years).  But keep your eye out for themes and look for data to back up their perspective.  All of them are a great place to start learning: 

Simple Path to Wealth.jpeg
Little Book of Common Sense Investing.jp
Broke Millenial Takes On Investing.jpeg
I Will Teach You to Be Rich.jpeg
Random Walk Down Wallstreet.jpeg


Looking to add a dose of personal finance into your weekly routine? Here are some of our favorite content creators! 

Personal Finance​​

Financial Feminist Podcast.jpeg
So Money.jpeg
Paychecks and Balances.jpeg
Listen Money Matters.png

Women & Leadership

Working Life, Happy Life.jpeg

Behavioral Science & Money

Planet Money.png
Work Life with Adam Grant.png
No Stupid Questions.png
Freakonomics Radio.png
The Happiness Lab.png

Other Links

More free resources to get you started: 

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