• Beth Williams

The #bosslady behind the scenes

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining the Future Wallet Community of #bossladies + some #bossmen too!

I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about myself for those of you who don’t already know me.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more about my own #moneystory. One way to create change is role modeling what we want to see in the world. That means I plan to start here, and I look forward to having some real conversations with you all (#letstalknumbers)

💸 Fun fact to start: I’ve increased my salary 8X since graduating undergrad.


  • 31, based in the Bay Area

  • Born & raised Californian

  • I've been a "saver" ever since I can remember

  • My parents are divorced and seeing their respective financial journeys sparked my interest in personal finance

Fun Facts

  • I've been dancing cuban salsa for ~4 years

  • I am a pretty awesome cook and love experimenting in the kitchen

  • I am currently taking an MBA wealth management course on the weekends (can you say #financenerd?)

Family & Money

  • My parents divorced when I was 3

  • My parents had very different income levels growing up (low & high)

  • My dad remarried a certified financial planner

  • My parents fought about money all the time

Career & Money

  • I currently work at Google in Finance

  • I have both a BA and MBA from UC Berkeley

  • I spent 4 years running financial literacy programs before grad school and have trained as a financial coach

  • I've negotiated my salary at every job I've held (#letsgetit)

Glad to have you as part of our community! Drop me a line at futurewalletco@gmail.com or follow on social media.